Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-07-02T07:40:43-04:00
How far in advance do I need to buy my gown?2019-07-02T07:46:28-04:00

The average answer to this is about 1 year ahead of your wedding date. There is fluidity with this to accommodate your personality. We have had brides order their gowns 2 years ahead of their wedding date, without a wedding date and within weeks of their wedding date. For those with limited time we have options for rush orders or you may also be able to purchase a sample gown at an amazing price.

Why do I need to make an appointment to try on wedding gowns?2019-07-02T07:46:13-04:00

Our stylists at Bridal Suite of Bay Shore are here to provide you with the personal attention and expertise that you deserve to help select your dream wedding gown.

How long do you schedule for my appointment?2019-07-02T07:45:59-04:00

You will need to be with us for at least an hour. This is probably the most important purchase that you’ll ever make for yourself, so we want to make sure that you have the time to know.

Do you have the style gown that I am looking for?2019-07-02T07:45:43-04:00

Our entire staff participates in the buying process. We pay close attention to style, body, fabrics, budgets, quality and service. If there is ever a time that we are missing a style, we will do our best to provide you with a sample.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?2019-07-02T07:45:27-04:00

Pictures of gowns in magazines or online that best portray your vision and style that most interests you. Research prior to coming is not required. Some brides are completely open and prefer to be led right out or the gate. We have a staff of professionals with a keen eye and they are prepared to find your perfect gown regardless of what you have prepared. In addition, many brides end up choosing styles they did not expect. Your journey is personal to you. In the end, it’s important that you love how you feel in what you have chosen.

How many and who can I bring to my appointment?2019-07-02T07:45:10-04:00

Bringing along family members and/or friends who are near and dear to your heart often enhances the experience of selecting your dream gown. However, please be mindful that this decision is an intimate one, and has the potential to become a challenge if your entourage does not share your vision.

Will you have my size gowns available for me to try on?2019-07-02T07:44:54-04:00

Our inventory consists  of samples ranging from size 6 through 28W. Our expert stylists are equipped and skilled to accommodate all sizes and body types. All of our brides are special.

Can I get a color swatch of my bridesmaids gown?2019-07-02T07:44:31-04:00

We are often able to provide you a swatch. If we do not have the swatch in store, it takes about 2 weeks to order a swatch from the vendor.

What is your policy on taking pictures while trying on wedding gowns?2019-07-02T07:44:16-04:00

Picture taking is permitted in our salon! (It is prohibited in the alterations studio.)

How do I pay for my gown?2019-07-02T07:44:00-04:00

At the time of the order, a minimum of 60% deposit is required. We accept all methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Personal Checks or Cash. If you have a balance on the date that you take your merchandise home, we will only accept cash.

How long do I have to wait for my gown to arrive?2019-07-02T07:43:46-04:00

The industry standard is 6 to 8 months and varies by designer. On rare occasion, we can get dresses in as early as 2 weeks.

What is a trunk show or store event?2019-07-02T07:43:29-04:00

A trunk show or store event is a time when we receive exclusive additional inventory into our salon by a particular vendor during the event dates only. This usually coincides with special pricing.

Will You Ship My Dress to Me?2019-07-02T07:42:58-04:00

We will absolutely accommodate shipping if you require it, for a nominal fee. Please inquire.

Do you offer alterations on premises?2019-07-02T07:41:55-04:00

We have a full alterations studio on our 2nd floor. We offer alterations as a service to our customers only, for an additional fee. We are happy to review alteration caps and pricing with you. Please just ask us.

Do I need to make an appointment for an alteration?2019-06-28T07:36:57-04:00

Alterations are required to alter or if you are picking up your dress and doing alterations elsewhere. We keep your gown in storage and require 24 hours to have it ready for you.

What is the ideal time to schedule a fitting appointment?2019-06-28T07:37:18-04:00

At least 45 days prior to the event date to avoid a quick service charge for brides and mothers of the bride and groom. Bridesmaids should schedule firtst fitings at least 30 days before the event date. We do offer a quick service fee for anyone requiring a close fitting due to personal circumstances. Just let us know when making your appointment and we will be happy to accommodate you.

What days of the week are fittings available?2019-06-28T07:37:43-04:00

Our alterations department is available Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Keep in mind that optimum availability is on weekdays. We try and reserve Saturday appointments for our out of town customers. When you call us, we will do every thing we can to accommodate your schedule.

Can I take photos or video during the fitting?2019-06-28T07:35:52-04:00

We respect the personal and legal rights of all of our brides and their attendants.  Therefore, NO PHOTOS OR VIDEO ARE PERMITTED in the common space of our alterations studio. We will gladly diagram bustles for you and take the time to teach you how they have been designed to work.

What is the difference between Cups and a Proper Bra?2019-06-28T07:35:34-04:00

A proper foundation is probably the most essential ingredient to determine the proper fit of your gown. It is vital that your bust to be lifted so that it aligns with the bust darts in the gown. This assures the best possible fit. If you need lift, this can only be achieved with the proper bra. This is not possible with cups. The purpose of cups is to provide a “filler” when your own bust does not fill the dart area in the dress. Occasionally, no bra or cups are needed. Occasionally, both are needed. We will gladly recommend the best garment for the best fit. If you choose to override this suggestion, it is entirely your option. However, some of the fit may be sacrificed as a result.

How long will the actual fitting take?2019-06-28T07:39:08-04:00

Brides: @ 30-45  Minutes

Mothers/Social Occasion: 15-30 minutes

Bridesmaids: 15 Minutes

How many fittings can I expect to come for?2019-06-28T07:34:45-04:00

Brides: Generally 2 and then a pick up. Bridal gown pickups do not include a try on. On the day you pick up your bridal gown you will not try on your gown. Your gown will be pressed and placed on a bust form and should no longer be handled until the wedding day. Fit of the gown will be approved at the final fitting. Anyone may pick the gown up at the final visit.

Bridesmaids, Social Occasion and Mom’s: Plan on 2 visits. Generally there is one fitting and a “try on and pick up”. In most cases, your gown will be pressed and ready to wear when you come the 2nd time. At that time you try on the gown to make sure you are happy with the fit.
A-Ok= you take it with you.

Should I bring anyone with me?2019-06-28T07:34:09-04:00

If you choose to have someone share in your alteration experience, we recommend bringing 1-2 people at the maximum. Your fitting appointment is intimately designed to adjust the fit of your gown according to your body and vision. Our seamstresses are professional artists and we want to support an environment that promotes their ability to do their best work, as well as a space for you to feel at ease. Keep in mind that there may be 2 or 3 other fittings taking place during your scheduled time, offering 1 fitter per client at a time.

Where does the actual fitting take place?2019-06-28T07:33:43-04:00

We have a designated alterations department located on the 2nd floor, above our showroom. Stop and see the receptionist in the showroom to check in, and she will direct you.

How much will the alterations cost and what if my measurements changed?2019-06-28T07:33:24-04:00

We are unable to determine the cost it will be to alter your gown until the seamstress assesses the fit. As a consideration, we have presented you with an alterations cap for all alterations as indicated on your original agreement. This cap will be honored based on the measurements taken at the time of the order. If measurements have changed (for example in the case of pregnancy, surgery, etc) and unforeseen work needs to be completed as a result, we may not be able to honor the cap, also indicated on the original agreement. Our seamstresses are extremely skilled and will do everything in their realm to create a top quality alteration.

Is payment expected at the time of my fitting?2019-06-28T07:32:49-04:00

If you have not paid your balance in full, we do encourage you to make a payment toward your account at your 1st fitting. At this time, will gladly accept any payment of your choice. We need to allow 10 business days for a personal check and 3 business days for a credit card. We have a “cash only” policy if there is a remaining balance on the account on the day that you physically walk out the door with the merchandise.

How long before the event will I bring my gown home?2019-06-28T07:32:27-04:00

We recommend taking your gown 2 weeks before the wear date given. In certain circumstances, our clients are unable to do this. As always, we will work to accommodate your specific needs.