In Your Own Back Yard

Long Islanders are often extravagant when it comes to planning a wedding.  Most facilities, whether the bride and groom choose Lessing’s, the Lombardi’s, the Scotto Brothers or almost any other wedding facility on the island, demonstrate that our distinction of weddings here on Long Island is second to none.  There is however, something that fewer Long Island brides undertake.  That is planning a wedding in your (or perhaps another family member’s) own backyard.   Recently, two brides whom have decided on this very location to commence their life with their partner, shared some thoughts.

A few weeks ago, heartening Erin Keffeler revealed some of her wedding detail.  The reception and ceremony would take place in the back yard of the groom’s mother.  Erin’s sense of imagination and personalizing the event was extremely apparent.  The biggest element that stands out was that this bride, with some help from her groom, decided to cater her own wedding for about 50 guests, in the personal setting of the backyard.  Grilled salmon, steak and chicken would serve as the main course with sides, salads and appetizers aplenty. Think about the week of your wedding for a moment.  Last minute details abound, securing the tuxes, flowers, final gown fittings, music selection, center pieces, wedding favors… and then imagine preparing the entire meal from appetizers to desserts for every guest (while being the center of attention) including but not limited to the magnificent wedding cake.  Now imagine preparing it well.  It is certain that the guests of Erin and Jeff (groom) will certainly remember the particulars at this wedding.  They have chosen to leave their personal mark with all its extra efforts.

More recently, bride-to-be, Edie Springsteen, was shopping for a wedding gown that she will wear to her Spring 2012 reception being held on the grounds of her Ridge home.  Excited about the dress she chose so appropriately for the occasion, her vision continues to unfold.  Her enthusiasm is easy to detect.  There is often a down to earth, easy going nature about these backyard wedding planners even though there is often much more to plan than would normally be taken care of by a catering hall.  Edie stated that she was getting married in her home …”with my horses (5 of them)”.  When asked if she would be riding on the day of her wedding she said, “Originally, we were going to have the ceremony on horseback, but then we ruled that out.”  She has nearly a year to work out her major and fine details.  But her nature indicates that she will enjoy every moment of it.

There is something to be said for the lavishness of a LI wedding venue, but it is different from the planning that is placed on creating the backyard affair.  While the catering facility can offer many options to personalize the affair there are certain limits.  At the same time, there may be obstacles to overcome when planning the backyard affair that might be taken for granted when signing with a facility, like the size of the kitchen, the bathroom amenities, the lighting, or the weather, to name a few.  If you are up for the challenge, however, the magic of turning this familiar and comfortable surrounding into the wedding reception location and then opening your hearts and sharing your personal space with all that have meaning in your world, offers a extraordinary way to begin your new chapter.

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