How to say “yes” to the dress!

For some brides, finding the right dress is easy.  Often times, their observers can see a noticeable difference in a bride’s behavior or her body language when she puts on a gown that she loves.  Something has changed in her facial expression, where she places her arms. The air feels a little lighter, her smile becomes bigger and everyone knows.  Sometimes mom cries.  Or that special someone that the bride has brought for their opinion,  just reinforces the energy that the bride has created when she walks out of the dressing room.

If her bridal consultant has done her job and makes a connection with her and tunes in to her vision, she can help her select what she thinks will truly capture her personality on her wedding day.  Too often, brides become overloaded.  Options for dresses seem to be endless. There are so many designers, added to so many styles created by that designer, with lines that come out 2 times each year.  Add that to the internet information and put it all in the bride’s brain coupled with finding the wedding venue, limousines, tuxedos, invitations, favors, choosing the bridesmaids dresses, organizing the rehearsal dinner, writing the wedding vows, and so on… it’s no wonder the term “bridezilla” has been coined.  Can you blame her?  So sometimes, less is actually more.  A big key to lighten the wedding burden is to accept help from an experienced and caring bridal consultant.  Let her do her job and she will listen to who you are, what is in your heart and how you see yourself on your wedding day.  Narrow down the body type that looks best on you and combine that with the neckline you would like.  If a fit and flare just isn’t showing off your incredible waistline, maybe you should keep your search to basque or traditional waistline style dresses.  There are only a small handful of shapes that a gown can contain, even though there are so many different styles to choose from.   Perhaps you dreamed of strapless but a v-neck looks remarkable.  Stick with it.  It is better to eliminate what isn’t working and proceed from there.  When you find the body type and neckline, you can key in on the detail.  Don’t second guess what you are feeling.  If you’re feeling good, your energy will transcend in the room.

It is not necessary to go to every bridal salon from Great Neck to Montauk.  Too often this is the reason for overload and the joy of bridal gown shopping too often becomes a chore.  Allow the quiet voice in your soul to be heard.  What is your heart telling you?  If you can’t hear it, take an extra breath in the dressing room, relax and let it happen.  Enjoy this experience of finding your gown.  Stay in the moment, keep it as simple and pure as possible and in no time, you too will be able to say “yes” to the dress.

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