How It Feels to be Voted #1, A Personal Reflection

We worked extra hard this year.  Last year, too.  Our staff believes as if we are # 1, and they perform and behave as if it’s a matter of fact.  I am proud and blessed to walk into an atmosphere where everyone is giving it their all.  We have an amazing chemistry and everyone on the team plays a part.  We are like a chain.  If a link is damaged, we lean on one another to strengthen it for the common purpose of providing the best possible experience for our brides, moms, maids, prom girls and attendants.  The concept is simple but the application requires great effort.

So when Doris took the call from the Long Island Press this morning, we all kind of held our breath in anticipation of the results of the six week long vote for the Best Bridal Store on Long Island in which we were one of 12 stores nominated.  I didn’t want to know, and I did, like covering your eyes with an open hand during a scary movie. I could stand it no longer so I headed to her office where she gave me the biggest smile and held up one finger.  Emotion rushed through my body and my eyes welled with tears.  I think when a blessing is made so clear and more importantly that I recognize it as a blessing, I become so infused with gratitude that it just takes over.  Andrea and Tamy were there to receive the news, and their reaction was priceless.  Carole jumped up and down as texts returned from Antonella, Annie and Maryellen leaped through the screen.

I don’t really think the victory was simply the glory of winning a contest that our loyal customers for over 45 years took part in.   Although I am proud to come in ahead of chain stores and multiple location stores,  I don’t think that was the main cause for the burst of emotion, either.  I think that when you follow your heart and do what you believe is right no matter how much effort is required; and you work side by side with an amazing team with the same goal; and sometimes you let go of control and listen and put it in the Hands; and after all that, someone affirms this by telling you that what you believed all along is what others believe too; that’s magical!

I would like to thank our wonderful, dedicated and loyal customers for voting for us.  I would also like to thank the best staff, not only in Long Island, but anywhere, for thinking it and seeing it through.  Voted #1!

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