Gina and DorisThe premise of our business when we first opened the doors of Bridal Suite in 1967 was to offer our customers wedding services unmatched by any other. “So in that sense, nothing has changed” says Doris, who, along with her daughter own the Bridal Suite of Bay Shore. Bridal Suite remains one of the longest standing businesses on Main Street.

The location in Bay Shore opened in 1971. Because the business was an instant success plans were put forth to form a Bridal Suite franchise, growing the business to 10 locations within a few short years. About 20 years ago the franchise rights were bought out by individual owners. Five of the original stores are still in full operation and separately owned.

“My grandfather was a tailor and so many of us in the family have been involved in the business. At present, I have a brother, a sister and a nephew who own bridal shops in New York and Florida. It’s really a family thing” says Doris.

And she says “that’s the foundation of the business.”

“When you come into the Bridal Suite, we want you to feel as though you are part of our family and we will provide you with that kind of service.”

The original Bridal Suite of Bay Shore location was at 1 East Main Street. Ten years later, the business moved across the street to 4 East Main Street until a fire destroyed the building on October 24th, 2002.

“The fire put us to the test. We lost everything,” recalls Gina, “yet we put our customer first… addressed every concern, answered every phone call and replaced every gown, including eleven gowns for weddings taking place that weekend.” Manufacturers produced, seamstresses sewed all night and management delivered gowns the day of the wedding. After that fire, one customer was quoted in Newsday as saying “They were amazing, I wish I had more daughters to marry off so I could give them more business…”

Bridal Suite moved to its current location 7 West Main Street in January of 2003.

Customers come back to Bridal Suite of Bay Shore. It is a business built on reputation. Women who came in as brides are now coming back as Mother of the Brides and prom girls have returned as brides.

Two generations and years of experience set the Bridal Suite of Bay Shore apart from other stores. They have coined the term the “Wedding Experts” and have proven that they really are time and time again.

Image of Franchise Booklet, 1967

“Franchise Booklet, 1967”

When asked how it feels to be second generation, Gina says “I take a lot of pride in preserving our reputation. In today’s world, common courtesy falls by the wayside. It is my personal mission to make sure every customer feels special when they walk in and when they leave.”

“We’ve seen so many changes in Bay Shore and are happy to have been a part of it.”