Fittings and Sizing. Myth v. Fact

imageThere is almost always a long period of time between when you are initially measured for your gown to be ordered and when it is time to be fitted for your gown. Measuring and fitting are two separate things that we try to coordinate as closely as possible. Most gowns are ordered 6 months before the time of the event and in many cases, more than a year. Realistically it seldom occurs that the gowns fit the customer perfectly when they arrive. At the time that the measurements are taken, it is the bridal consultants goal to order the size gown that will be the closest fit to the customer. Because we come in all shapes and dimensions, it is unrealistic to believe that a dress will fit perfectly because we are not all perfectly in sync with size chart measurements. In addition, measurement can also change over time. In our experience we have witnessed 100’s of pounds and/or numerous inches (and this is an understatement) lost and gained due to diet, stress, exercise , pregnancy, weight loss surgery, illness and some things we’ll refrain from writing about. The bottom line is, we all want the same thing in the end. A dress that fits as closely to your body as possible given the design of the gown and your body type. One of the most proclaimed myths that I have heard repeatedly is that bridal salons intentionally order gowns bigger to make money on alterations. I cannot see how that would ever benefit any salon. We offer alteration services as a convenience for our customers. There is not a single benefit to having a gown come in that doesn’t fit our customer as closely as possible. The truth of the matter is the more time and the more complex the alteration, the more money it costs to us. The reality is that the closest fit possible creates the easiest experience for all. There is nobody that feels the pressure more than a seamstress who has to perform extensive and often miraculous alterations on a gown that does not fit. Our commitment is to service our customers, however, so our alterations department are equipped with the tools and the skills required to make any situation work, regardless of whether the gown fits perfectly, won’t zip or is falling off. So unless they start making gowns out of bathing suit fabric or woman that are made like boxes, our team will continue to adjust the fit of your gown to make it fit the proper way.

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