Our Alterations Team

Here at Bridal Suite of Bay Shore we have an alterations department for your convience located just above the showroom on the 2nd floor! You will find that our alterations team is extremely talented and capable of altering any gown. Day after day they sit, sew and make sure that they properly fit our Brides, Mothers and Bridesmaids. Our alterations team is truly magical. With over 75 years of combined training and experience, Rosa, Susanna and Maria will get the job done. After alterations are complete, gowns are inspected by Carole, the manager of the pressing and beading department. Carole completes the alteration process by beading and pressing each gown. She lovingly packs and prepares the dresses for your special day! Alterations is all about teamwork, communication and patience on both ends. We offer alterations as a service to our customers for an additional charge on any gown purchased in our salon.


Winter Alteration Hours

Monday 2p-7p
Thursday: 2p-7p
Friday: 10a-2p
Saturday: 10a-12:30p
*Appointments are necessary*

What to bring:

Shoes and a proper foundation (ie: bra) are required in order to achieve the best fit possible. Keep in mind all body types are not the same. Obviously, the same gown will fit different bodies differently. While one girl may need cups for a better fit, another may need a specific bra, and another may need nothing at all. For your convenience, we stock bra cups and full supporting strapless bras for purchase by Carnival and Flattering Me.

What to expect:


The complete visit should take no more than 30 minutes. Due to the intimacy of the space and the nature of the process, we recommend that brides bring a maximum of 2 people for the actual fitting. At least 2 fittings will be necessary for the purpose of pinning and and checking the work after sewing is completed. At times, brides may require additional fittings. We do what is necessary to achieve a proper fit. After we satisfy the proper fit, a pick up appointment is scheduled. Brides do not try on their dresses at this appointment because the dress is pressed and prepared for the wedding day.

A note about Bustles: Bustling the train so that it does not trail behind the entire day is an American adopted tradition. Our seamstresses create custom bustles for each bride. Each style of gown calls for it’s own style of bustle. Fabrics, length of train and style often dictate and limit how the bustle is prepared. A bustle is designed for convenience and is not necessary to achieve proper fitting. If it is not for you, you can opt out and be a part of the European tradition. Just let us know!

Mothers and Bridesmaids

Though most gowns require less time, we do assign a 30 minute time slot for mother of the bride and groom dress fittings and 15 minutes for bridesmaids. The general protocol is to pin all areas that need altering during the 1st visit. At the next scheduled appointment the gowns are pressed and ready and will be taken after they are tried on. Occasionally, extra appointments are required.


Half of the remaining balance on the account is recommended at the time of the first fitting. At this time we will accept cash, all forms of credit cards or checks as payment. Keep in mind that the payment at the time of pick up is cash only.